Animation Pre-production

Screen-Play/Script writing: We are connected with well known Script writers, Story tellers and provide one of the best services.

Storyboarding/Animatics: As animation is primarily a visual medium, one of the major tasks in animation filmmaking is to write the compelling story visually. We at oxymora have decades of experience in crafting beautifully functional storyboards for animated TV series and Feature length films.

Character-Designing: In today’s competitive world, uniqueness and wisely decided style can truly brand and differentiate a company from its competitors. Presenting character, great profiles, character mediums should be more than just a symbol but a member of the family, after all these characters we produce in most cases are to be Ambassadors to most organizations. We deal with the concept and storytelling and help work with you to choose a character or style that reflects and communicates its central message efficiently whilst grabbing the eye from the first second.